Terms of use

Scoove.net is managed by Loquiz OÜ, located at Leiva 3, Tallinn, Estonia. Contact details :

e-mail: play@scoove.net

phone: +372 56 222 996

By using the Scoove platform, the user agrees to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use the platform.

Service description

Scoove enables users to create simple location-based games and quizzes and allow players to play them in mobile browsers. Scoove does not use separately installed applications, everything is done on the mobile device’s web browser.

Player only needs the game URL from the game creator to trigger the game.

To use Scoove, game creator needs a computer with an Internet connection. Player needs a mobile phone with GPS functionality to play the games. Scoove does not guarantee the suitability of the devices. To play Scoove games, your mobile device must have a mobile internet connection and GPS capability.

Subscription terms

Active subscription is needed to create games on Scoove platform.. Subscription can be purchased using bank transfer (Estonia only) or credit card (globally).

Access to the system arises immediately after payment of the periodic fee. With active registration, the user can create unlimited questions and access questions created by other users. User can also create games and let players play these games.  The end of the registration will be clearly displayed in the user account. When purchasing or extending the registration, the user agrees to the terms of use of Scoove.

Possible additional costs involved, including Internet access costs, mobile Internet usage costs, and other costs are not subject of these terms and are covered by the user.


Scoove collects following personal information from the subscriber:

  • Subscribers e-mail

Scoove uses the data entered by the user only to process the order. Emails sent to user are all connected to the use of Scoove platform.

Personal data entered to Scoove is not rented or sold to third parties.

All questions and other content that the user enters into the Scoove platform is public. This means that the information entered can also be used by other game creators. Never enter personal or confidential information into Scoove as questions.

During gameplay Scoove accesses following information:

  • Player or team name (can be fictional)
  • Player location

Refund policy

If Scoove does not meet the defined functionality, the user should provide a description of the problem to play@scoove.net, clearly stating the circumstances of the problem. Scoove developer takes steps to fix the issue. If the defect is caused by the functionality of the scoove platform and can not be corrected within a reasonable time, the user will be entitled to withdraw from the contract and apply for the fefund of the period fee by submitting a statement to play@scoove.net by e-mail.

Device-specific issues are not considered as a ground for refund.

Scoove has the right to restrict user access if the user repeatedly infringes copyrights or purposely enters abusive information to the environment. In this case user account will be closed and the paid subscription fee will not be refunded.

Limited liability

User should always take proper care when creating and conducting games.

Scoove accepts no responsibility for the hazards or risks arising from games, questions and locations used to create games. The creator of specific games, questions and locations, and especially the person who conducts the games, is responsible for choosing the suitable content and location, and is also responsible for the safety of the players.

Scoove is not responsible for the suitability of equipment. Please test the games on specific devices before carrying out games.


All the claims regarding Scoove, should be sent to play@scoove.net. If the user and Scoove fail to resolve the dispute by agreement, the user is adviced to contact the Consumer Disputes Committee in Estonia.